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респ Бурятия, Прибайкальский р-н, поселок Еловка респ Бурятия, Прибайкальский р-н, поселок Еловка
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Where the highway crosses the ridge of the Khamar-Daban spur, the Mandrik Pass is 860 meters high. At the top of the pass there is a sacred place, where, as they say, the owner of this area lives. Here the travelers stop to worship the local spirits, tie silk ribbons on the branches of nearby trees, throw a coin or drop alcohol so that the further road is safe and safe. Until the 60s of the last century, the old road was laid through the Mandrik Pass. It was considered very dangerous: firstly, it lay on the edge of the mountain, secondly, it was very narrow, because of which, in certain places, traveling were made for transport. A new highway was built in a detour between the mountains around the village of Elovka. Barn road through the pass still exists, now through it can only go on foot. With her beautiful panoramas.
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