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Пионерская улица, 36, Россия, Республика Карелия, Прионежский район, село Шёлтозеро Пионерская улица, 36, Россия, Республика Карелия, Прионежский район, село Шёлтозеро
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The information about the ancient Veps costume is very fragmentary, but, nevertheless, it is known that both women's and men's costumes had their own characteristics. Thus, women wore a skirt complex, typical of Prionezh Veps. It included a shirt, sewn in two parts, the upper part of which was decorated with red embroidery on the shoulders, and the bottom - on the hem. The upper skirts had a longitudinal or transverse pattern with stripes with a wide color border, which sometimes occupied two thirds of the skirt. The skirts were woven, woolen or half-woolen. Adult women always wore aprons and belts. Later, a sundress appeared in a female Vepsian costume. The head of the married women was covered; a headdress — forty (a warrior, a collection) —was sewn with ochel and the back of the head. Women used bright brocade fabrics for sewing headwear and were decorated with gold embroidery or beads. In the 18th-14th centuries, Vepsian men usually wore a shirt and trousers, later two trousers began to be worn: the lower ones - from white linen, the upper ones - from painted canvas or variegation. The shirt was put on a dress, tied up with a belt. White shirts with embroidery were worn at the wedding. The Veps, just like the Karelians and Finns, had a traditional cravat. The headgear was made at home: these were mainly felt caps, occasionally hats with small fields, and by the beginning of the 20th century, “city” headdresses appeared: hats and caps. By the way, the Prionezhsky men quickly switched to the urban three-piece suit (many went to the outhouse trade in St. Petersburg), which consisted of a jacket, waistcoat and trousers. The Veps had working clothes: a hoodie is considered the most traditional. It was worn by men and women over shirts and coats.
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