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г Севастополь, пл Нахимова г Севастополь, пл Нахимова
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Grafskaya pier - the main ceremonial pier of Sevastopol. On June 3, 1783, a pier and a wooden staircase leading to the main square of the city were built on the western shore of the South Bay, on the site from which the Great Sevastopol Raid was viewed. In 1787, when Catherine II arrived in Sevastopol, the wooden steps of the quay were replaced by stone ones. By order of Prince G. A. Potemkin, the wharf was named Yekaterininskaya, but the people called her the “Grafskaya”, since the boat of the main commander of the Black Sea squadron of Rear Admiral M.I. Voinovich. During the first defense of Sevastopol, through the Grafskaya quay, all bastions were supplied with ammunition and food.
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Anonymous (Алиса М.) 8 months ago
Обожаю там гулять. С Графской открывается вид на Южную бухту, видно военные корабли Черноморского флота. Еще там часто стоит парусник Херсонес, а по праздникам можно увидеть Крузенштерн. На пристани всегда много народу, почти всегда там сидят дяденьки и ловят рыбу. Такой типично морской городской пейзаж.
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