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Севастополь, площадь им. П.С. Нахимова (у подпорной стены Матросского бульвара) Севастополь, площадь им. П.С. Нахимова (у подпорной стены Матросского бульвара)
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A huge bas-relief (1967), designed by architect I.E. Fialko and sculpture V.V. Yakovlev, symbolizes the continuity of the military traditions of the defenders of Sevastopol. The monument is built of large reinforced concrete blocks, in the center is a stylized figure of a fighter holding an automatic rifle in his right hand, and his left reflecting three bayonets aimed at his chest, symbolizing three storming of Sevastopol. Below are the granite plaques on which the names of the ships and units of the Black Sea Fleet and the separate Primorye Army defending Sevastopol, as well as the city industrial enterprises that helped the army and fleet are stamped. Here is a list of Heroes of the Soviet Union, awarded this title for the defense of Sevastopol. An anchor rod protrudes from the left of the wall, and the date “1941–1942” is stamped next to it. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Victory, the Eternal Flame was lit at the memorial. Since 1973, Sevastopol schoolchildren dressed in the uniform of sailors have an honor guard here. All official delegations, including the President and the prime ministers visiting Sevastopol, lay wreaths at this memorial, as a tribute to the memory of the fallen heroes. Sevastopol parades are walking by. Also, according to tradition, newlyweds come here to commemorate the feat of the glorious defenders of Sevastopol.
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