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Севастополь, Бухта Казачья, Аллея защитников 35-й бб, № 7 Севастополь, Бухта Казачья, Аллея защитников 35-й бб, № 7
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Cape Chersonese has a special place in the memory of Sevastopol. The grief about the last defenders of Sevastopol is felt especially acutely here. The western extremity of the Heraclean Peninsula is the rocks and steppe scorched by the sun and salted by sea winds. In late June - early July 1942, defenders of the city stood here to death. On July 1, Sevastopol was taken, the ammunition cellars, the first and second towers of the 35th battery exploded. In 2007, the creation of the Museum Historical and Memorial Complex to the 35th Coastal Battery Heroic Defenders of Sevastopol began. Thousands of people-specialists of various professions took part in its construction. The memorial complex was created with non-state funds. The creation of a museum complex of this scale (the memorial area is about 8 hectares, underground structures are about 5,000.0 square meters) is an unprecedented event not only for Sevastopol, but for the entire post-Soviet space. This is an example of respect for our common history, to the memory of those who defeated fascism in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.
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