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Севастополь, площадь им. Нахимова Севастополь, площадь им. Нахимова
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The memorial sign, erected in honor of the foundation of Sevastopol, is installed on the site of the first urban buildings. It is here that the sailors of the squadron Vice-Admiral FA In June 1783, Klokachev laid the first Calan constructions: a house for the commander, a chapel, a forge, a pier. The height of the monument - 3.41 meters. The authors of the project are the architects of the Crimea NII - G.G. Kuzminsky and A.S. Smooth. The grand opening of the memorial sign was held on June 14, 1983, the day of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Sevastopol. On December 31, 2000, a message was laid to the base of the monument to the people of Sevastopol, which should be opened in a hundred years.
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