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г Севастополь, Ленинский р-н, пл Нахимова г Севастополь, Ленинский р-н, пл Нахимова
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Nakhimov Square - the historic center of Sevastopol. The first houses were laid here, the city started from here. Nakhimov Square in different years had different names. The very first is Ekaterininskaya Square (until 1921). Then - the square of Labor, the square of the Third International, the square of the Parades, the square of Lenin. From 1957 to the present day - Nakhimov Square. On the square is a monument to the great admiral. The life of the famous admiral is inextricably linked with Sebastepol. In 1854, P.S. Nakhimov led the defense of Sevastopol. The defenders of the city loved and adored the admiral for the humane and kind attitude towards sailors and soldiers.
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