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Севастополь, Нахимова, 2 Севастополь, Нахимова, 2
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The best hotel of pre-revolutionary Sevastopol was opened on April 2, 1891. Its prehistory of its creation can be begun with the fact that for the development of the maritime work Peter I took care of attracting foreign technicians to Russia, among which came the ship-maker Kist. His descendant Ferdinand Kist, who settled in Sevastopol, built a small two-storey mansion in the center of the city in the style of late classicism and the Italian Renaissance, later a three-story building and a building uniting them also appeared. The main entrance to the building opens onto Nakhimov Square, the balconies on the pillars are decorated with Doric columns, the balcony of the third floor passes into a loggia with a semi-circular arch. “Kist” included 85 rooms with prices ranging from 1 to 15 rubles per day (for comparison, renting an apartment in the city center was 125 rubles per month). They differed unusual design and luxurious furniture. It was considered prestigious to stop at Kist. Here there were merchants, statesmen, officials and other representatives of the beau monde. At various times, celebrities such as A.M. Gorky, A.P. Chekhov, Lesia Ukrainka, KS Stanislavsky, L.N. Tolstoy. In 1916, opera singer Fyodor Shalyapin stayed in the rooms of the Kist Hotel during a tour. In 1917, the building housed the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet and its commander, Admiral Alexander Kolchak. In the 20s, the Palace of Labor was here, in the 30s - a sanatorium. In 1985, the building was finally handed over to the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. In 2004, designed by architect A.L. Sheffer erected a three-story extension for the Business and Cultural Center of the Government of Moscow.
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