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г Севастополь, Фиолентовское шоссе г Севастополь, Фиолентовское шоссе
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The grotto received its name by the name of the Greek goddess Diana. As the legends and myths tell, in these places was located the ancient sanctuary of Diana (in Greek mythology, the same goddess was called Artemis, in Tavria - Virgo), from where the victims were dumped into the sea. However, the exact location of the temple is unknown. As the same legends and myths say, it was a huge building, supported by numerous columns. To him led a wide, forty steps, marble staircase. The altar was made of pure white marble. The length of the grotto is about 10-15 meters. It has large surface and underwater parts. The water in the grotto and around it is always clear and clean, but due to lack of sunlight it is much colder than the surrounding water. Near the grotto of Diana are the remains of a sunken minesweeper.
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