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Севастополь, Мыс Фиолент Севастополь, Мыс Фиолент
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Disputes about the correctness of the spelling of the name of the cape - Fiolent or Feolent - do not subside until now. According to one of the versions, the name Feolent consists of the word “Feo”, which means “God” and the word “tapes” (land), which means “land, land”, as a result of which the word takes on the meaning “divine land”. According to another, the name comes from the Italian word violente - “frantic” due to frequent sea disturbances near the cape. Another theory derives its name from the Turkish word felenk, which means a ramp for launching ships. Cape Fiolent - the southwestern tip of the Heraclean Peninsula. From the limestone by the sea stand the remains of an ancient volcano that existed here more than 150 million years ago. The coast at Fiolent amazes and delights with its bizarre cliffs, pebble beaches and clear, emerald green water. The beaches of Fiolent are beloved places of Sevastopol. The most famous of them "Jasper". To go down to it you need to overcome 800 unusual steps. From the cliff above the beach there is a view of the St. George Monastery, which is located on one of the ledges.
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Евгений Оксимеров 9 days ago
На Фиоленте очень красиво, особенно на монастыре, и глубоко. Отличное место поплавать с маской или аквалангом.
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