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г Севастополь, нп Балаклава г Севастополь, нп Балаклава
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Fig (another name Ayazma or Ay-Yazma) - the coastal strip between Balaklava Bay and Cape Aya. According to one of the versions, the name of the tract arose from the wild figs that once grew here. Today, Fig is one of the most favorite places for tent rest, where you can still touch the pristine nature, enjoy the beauty of the species, inhale the smell of pine needles and juniper and take a dip in clean, clear sea water. The unspoiled nature of Ayazma attracts a fairly large number of fans of wild recreation in the summer. Here, tourists can pitch tents, or rent them right on the spot. Waking up early in the morning to the sound of the sea away from the city rush and take a deep breath of clean, rich in phytoncides air is an incomparable sensation that Ingor’s tract will give to its guests. Figs pass walking routes from the Laspi Pass to Balaclava.
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