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респ Тыва, Тес-Хемский р-н, село Шуурмак респ Тыва, Тес-Хемский р-н, село Шуурмак
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In essence, Caldak and Hamar are two different places. Caldak is a river, and Hamar is a pass. Until the 1940s, the road connecting the south of the Republic of Tyva with its capital passed through the steep Hamar Pass. After the road was laid across the mouth of the Kaldak River, the Caldar-Hamar Pass appeared. The construction of the road through the Kaldak-Hamar pass firmly connected the former capital with the rest of the republic. In 1938, representatives of all districts of the Republic of Tuva gathered at the so-called Tuvinian BAM, built using the folk construction method. The path through the pass has become a symbol of heroic work and unity of the Tuvan people. The Caldak-Hamar pass is considered to be one of the sacred sites of Tes-Khem kozhuun. On the left side of the road the suburgan stands majestically, and on the right side of the road the trees are decorated with multi-colored pieces of cloth. According to the tradition, each person passing through the pass must pray, wishing everyone a good trip.
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