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респ Крым, г Симферополь респ Крым, г Симферополь
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The building of the Russian Academic Drama Theater. M. Gorky. It was built in 1911 by the project of the famous academician of architecture A.N. Beketov. In January 1996, the reconstruction of the theater, which lasted about 16 years, was completed. Preserving the original appearance, the theater, however, completely changed inside. It became a unique theatrical complex of six different scenes - from 711 seats to the chamber. During the Great Patriotic War, the actors of the Crimean Drama Theater engaged in underground activities. This case is unique in history, when the whole group of actors became underground fighters, and their playing from the stage turned into life. The theater was beloved by the fascist public, the actors had the opportunity to explore information about the enemy’s secret objects, and then put them on the map of Simferopol. They managed to protect the theater building from destruction, as well as many old costumes of the pre-revolutionary era. In April 1944, three days before the liberation of Simferopol, the group was opened and executed. In memory of them, a memorial plaque is installed on the facade of the theater.
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Никита Василенко 21 days ago
В крымском драматическом театре им. Горького пришлось побывать несколько раз. Первый раз попала в это место по экскурсии. Второй раз ехали сюда уже целенаправленно. Это место завораживает своей красотой. Здесь все от А до Я окутано своей историей. Это место мы очень полюбили, буду сюда возвращаться не однократно. А тем кто не был в этом месте советую заглянуть.
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