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ул. Воровского, 54/11 ул. Воровского, 54/11
+7 862 264-23-26 +7 862 264-23-26
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The history museum of the resort city of Sochi (until 1980 - local history) was created in 1920. The basis for the creation of the museum was the collection of the Sochi Branch of the Caucasus Mountain Club, which was headed by the famous engineer and local historian Vasily Konstantinovich Konstantinov. The collection was located in the house of his mother, an outstanding enlightener E. P. Maikova. The most valuable (unique) exhibits are: • The archaeological collection of antique gold jewelry from the burial in the vicinity of Sochi. • Numismatic collection of Bosporus, Roman, Byzantine and other coins. • Collection of Caucasian edged weapons and firearms. • Life support items for cosmonauts (lander, spacesuits, etc.). The history museum of the resort city of Sochi includes departments located in separate buildings: • The Ethnographic Museum in Lazarevskoye presents the ethnography, history, culture and life of the population of Sochi. • “The singer V. Barsova’s dacha” exhibits and preserves the historical and cultural heritage associated with the name of USSR People’s Artist V. Barsova, is a music room for residents and guests of Sochi.
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Anonymous (Роман) 6 months ago
Небольшой и достаточно интересный музей. Здесь можно познакомится с историей Черноморского побережья Кавказа с древнейших времён и до современности. Разнообразных артефактов в экспозиции хватает, тут собраны предметы быта и культуры многонационального региона. Конечно не малая роль отводится теме Сочи - главный российский курорт. Очень интересно рассматривать исторически фотоматериалы.
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