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Краснодарский край, Сочи, Проспект Курортный, д. 74 Краснодарский край, Сочи, Проспект Курортный, д. 74
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In 1889 the publisher of the Petersburg newspaper, a collector, playwright S.N. Khudekov acquired 50 acres of land on the slope of Lysa Gora in Sochi. In 1899, the villa "Hope" was built here, named after the wife of Nadezhda Alekseevna. Next to the villa was laid a park of 15 hectares, and plum and peach gardens were planted nearby. Plants for the park were purchased in the botanical gardens of the Crimea, Germany and the Caucasus. Some of them were brought from the nursery of the Prince of Oldenburg in Gagra. A great connoisseur of exotic plants S.N. Khudekov landed in the park about 400 species of trees and shrubs. By 1892, he carried out the planning of the park with his friend, gardener K.A. Langau The park was built according to the type of the Franco-Italian terraced parks of the late XIX century and was constantly replenished with new plants. By 1917, more than 550 plant species were already growing there. The park was decorated with sculptures and vases ordered in France and cast from cast iron by masters of the Franco-Italian company A. Duren and P. Capellaro. In 1922, the park was nationalized. In 1944, the arboretum transferred Sochi research forestry experimental station. At present, the park area is 49 hectares, more than 1500 species, forms and varieties of tree and shrub plant species grow in it. The park has a large collection of pines - 76 species in the amount of 1890 specimens, the largest collections of oaks in Russia (80 species) and palm trees (24 species), cypresses, and many rare subtropical plants. The park consists of upper and lower parts. In the lower part, the aquarium was built by the inhabitants of the Black Sea, a pond was laid out. The park has created separate corners where collections of plants of the Caucasus, Japan, China, Australia, the Mediterranean, and North and South America grow compactly.
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