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Пермский край, Соликамск, ул. Набережная, 90 Пермский край, Соликамск, ул. Набережная, 90
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The milestone is a symbol of the beginning of the First milestone of the Gosudareva (Babinovskaya) road. In 1575, by decree of Tsar Fedor Ioanovich, "ordered to visit" direct roads to Siberia. And in 1595 Artemy Babinov, a resident of the village of Verkh-Usolka, filed a petition to the tsar with the news that he had explored a direct route from Kama salt to Siberia. The king ordered Babinov "with his friends" to pave the way. 40 people with saws, shovels, and axes were determined to obey him according to the royal charter. The road, which went down in history under the name of “Babinovskaya”, went east past the mountain Kosvinsky stone, crossed the Yaiva, Kosva, Lobva and other rivers and then to the Tura river. For almost two centuries, the Babinovskaya road was the only official road connecting the Center of Russia and Siberia, and even received the name Gosudarev.
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