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Ставрополь, ул. Дзержинского, 115-119 Ставрополь, ул. Дзержинского, 115-119
+7 865 226-54-78 +7 865 226-54-78
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Stavropol Regional Museum of Fine Arts ”was founded in December 1961 by order of the Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR, open to visitors in November 1962. Located in the historical part of the city, the museum occupies three buildings connected into a single ensemble, which are architectural monuments of federal significance. In the past, these were merchant mansions built on the former Aleksandrovskaya Street (now Dzerzhinsky Street) in the late 70s of the 19th – early 20th century. Today, the museum’s collection includes almost 25,000 works of classical and modern art. A large number of works of art of various genres, trends, technologies from its own funds, other museums, artists' workshops and private collections are exhibited in the halls every year. The museum holds up to 50 exhibitions annually, including in the Stavropol Territory and beyond. The activity of the museum is characterized by general accessibility, openness, implementation of cultural, exhibition and publishing projects, holding major events outside the museum. Excursions and public events in the museum and outside it are annually visited from 50 to 70 thousand people. The Stavropol Regional Museum of Fine Arts is located on Dzerzhinsky Street near the central park of Stavropol within walking distance from Lenin Square.
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