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Святыни и храмы

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Россия, г. Тамбов, ул. Сергеева-Ценского, 1 А Россия, г. Тамбов, ул. Сергеева-Ценского, 1 А
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In 1998, the Second Patriarch's visit of the Most Holy Patriarch to the Tambov diocese took place. On the first day of his visit, the patriarch visited the Tregulyaevsky Monastery of St. John the Baptist. The Tregulyaev Convent impressed the distinguished guest with its picturesque nature. The Patriarch’s reports on the patriarch’s visit to the monastery are: “His Holiness and the accompanying persons went by boat along the Tsna River to the Pitirim source on the territory of the former Tregulyaev Monastery, founded in the 17th century at the mouth of the Tregulyaevsky Rust river.” Almost two decades have passed, and everyone who wishes can make the “Patriarch's Route”. The route starts from the pier of the restaurant "Pirate", located on the Tambov city embankment at the address: ul. Sergeyeva-Tsenskogo, 1 A. Departing on a river boat from the pier, you will sail along the quiet waters of the canal. Tsny (old river bed). From the water surface of the Tambov reservoir, popularly known as the “Tambov Sea”, you will enjoy a magnificent panorama of city monasteries, cathedrals and churches. Having rounded the urban recreation zone, the Eldorado Island and the Druzhba Park, along the river channel, the boat will carry you along the quiet waters of the Tsna River. The great Russian writer I.S. Turgenev called Tsnu a "dove", and the famous writer in Tambovshchina, Sergeyev-Tsensky, who had fallen in love with this river since childhood, becoming a writer, took the name of this river as a creative pseudonym. We hope that you will also love our beautiful Tsnu. Sailing through the Tsnin waves, you will see river landscapes pleasing the eye, feel the aroma and coolness of the largest in our region Tsninsky forest massif and unwittingly find yourself in the Tregulyaevsky forest where two friends, St. Pitirim of Tambov and Mitrofanii Voronezh, loved to walk. After the river ship has moored to the quay of the Tregulyaevsky monastery, you can bypass the territory of the revived St. John the Baptist monastery, visit the temple in honor of the Second finding of the relics of St. Pitirim.
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