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Испания, Barcelona, Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, Испания, Barcelona, Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes,
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The shopping center “Les Glories” is a modern complex, where the efforts of a team of architects and designers have managed to organically combine retail space, office space, entertainment venues and free public spaces for public events. This is one of the most visited malls of Barcelona. The shopping center "Les Glories" was conceived as one of the parts of the urban transformation project in 1992. He accepted the first buyers on April 18, 1995. The center is several buildings standing nearby, between which there is an open courtyard, which has become a common and at the same time connecting link for them. This is a stylish cozy patio with original flower vases and cafe tables paved with colored tiles in the form of concentric circles of different diameters. You can go from the building to the building along the courtyard, without leaving the shopping center. The shopping center, located practically on the street, consists of three main buildings where a huge amount of various goods are sold: from clothes to food, from children's toys in stores Imaginarium, Drim and Disney to jewelery; There is also a special Interkits hobby shop and entertainment areas and restaurants. Glòries has an excellent multiplex and many places where children will be offered a lot of entertainment. The shopping center is located on Plaça de les Glòries, next to the Poblenou quarter. Glòries has ample parking, plus you can take the tram of the TramBesòs line using the same ticket and when traveling by bus or metro, as all these types of transport are included in a single fare system. And if you come here with children, then add a couple more hours to the planned time: the children will definitely linger in the amusement park or will want to take part in a children's entertainment show.
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