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Челябинск, Молодогвардейцев, 7 Челябинск, Молодогвардейцев, 7
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Shopping complex "Fiesta" - the first Outlet center in Chelyabinsk. This is where branded clothing is sold for prices that are 30-70 percent lower than in regular stores. And during special promotions, the cost of products can be reduced by 90 percent. At the same time, visitors to the Fiesta can choose from an assortment of more than 100 branded stores - a real paradise for those who like to save by dressing stylishly. Surprisingly low prices in the Fiesta are real, although they seem fantastic. They are possible due to the fact that brand stores here offer items from the collections of past seasons. We are talking about products that have lost place in regular stores to the collections of the new season. But in fact, the words “past seasons” do not mean at all that in the Outlet center “Fiesta” there are remnants of clothes piled in heaps. Not at all! In the outlet, you can buy always relevant beautiful classic things. Need clothes for sports and recreation, leisure, work, for every day? In any case, it is worth looking into the Fiesta Outlet Center. It is there that you can find a huge selection of clothing for all occasions of the most famous international and Russian brands. Remarkably, the popularity and quality of the brands represented in the Fiesta is in no way inferior to the selection of other Chelyabinsk shopping complexes. Moreover, brands have much in common with each other, but prices differ significantly from the cost of similar products of certain brands in other shopping malls. This makes sure every visitor Outlet center "Fiesta". Clothes for sports and leisure are represented by such giants as Adidas, Reebok, Forward. Women's clothes and men's clothing are presented in discounts of Mango, Zolla, Ostin, Incity, Colins, as well as in stores of democratic brands such as Gloria Jeans, Concept Club, Oodji, TVOE and many others. More buyers "Fiesta" waiting for a wide range of shoes at affordable prices from firms such as Ralf Ringer, Zenden, Belwest, Rieker, Keddo, Monroe, ABC and others.
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