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Челябинск, Артиллерийская, 136 Челябинск, Артиллерийская, 136
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SLIDES is a shopping and entertainment complex in the city of Chelyabinsk, combining high-quality shopping, varied cuisine and entertainment. Today it is one of the most popular and undoubtedly favorite places of leisure for many residents of Chelyabinsk and guests of the city. Daily for the guests of the complex are working: one of the largest retail chains in Russia - Lenta hypermarket (6,108 sq.m .;); the largest hypermarket of household appliances and electronics RBT (3000 sq.m.); the nine-hall cinema CINEMA PARK with the only IMAX hall in the city (5,600 sq.m.); furniture center (3rd floor); more than 100 stores of international and federal brands (H & M, Rendez-Vous, SNOW QUEEN, Guess, Benetton, Calvin Klein Jeans, Mango, etc.); cafes and restaurants with a variety of kitchen concepts (McDonalds, KFC, Little Potatoes, CARAVAN-SARAY restaurant, etc.); fitness center S & I Fitness (5th floor), where anyone can achieve results in a short time; contact zoo (4th floor), where children and adults can get acquainted with cute animals. In addition to shopping and entertainment in the shopping and entertainment center GORKI there are places where you can pay for utilities and services of cellular communication and the Internet, and you can perform the necessary banking operations in the ATM area. The complex also has a consumer services center - key manufacturing, shoe repair, a sewing studio and a photo studio. There are 2 car washes in the parking lot near the Gorki shopping mall: a traditional full-service car wash and a self-service car wash.
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