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Ленинградская обл, Тихвинский р-н, г Тихвин Ленинградская обл, Тихвинский р-н, г Тихвин
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Liberty Square - the ancient center of Tikhvin. In ancient times, the streets of Tikhvin Posad were not as smooth as they are today: wooden mansions with outbuildings formed a kind of street pattern. All this ancient building was completely destroyed by a fire on May 19, 1770. Although the area existed in the Middle Ages, only the plan of the XVIII century gave it a clear geometric shape, and at the same time increased it. The new stone square is a business center, around which the lines of streets are located in a flat grid. The Gostiny Dvor, built in the 1770-1780s (“stone rows”), has survived to the present day. On the ground floor, the guest yard had a gallery of merchant shops. Next to the stone rows were wooden rows (now not preserved), and on the site of the monument to Lenin there was an important, mandatory accessory to the commercial area - a building with large weights (vagas) on which to weigh heavy goods.
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