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Тульская обл., г. Тула, проспект Ленина, 16 Тульская обл., г. Тула, проспект Ленина, 16
+7 487 236-18-85 +7 487 236-18-85
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Memorial Museum N.I. Beloborodova - the only music museum in the Tula region. The museum is named after Nikolai Ivanovich Beloborodov and was open to visitors in memory of the famous Tula. The most important invention of Nikolai Ivanovich - chromatic accordion. With this invention began the famous production of Tula harmonics. Tula accordion is one of the symbols of Tula, along with Tula gingerbread and Tula samovar. Beloborodov is also known as the creator of the world's first harmonious orchestra. The Beloborodov Museum in Tula reflects in its exposition the musical cultural environment of Tula in the early 20th century, where the life and work of Nikolai Ivanovich Beloborodov passed. The museum is interesting not only for professional musicians, but also for children. In the “harmonica museum”, as children often call the Beloborodov Museum in Tula, various harmonics are presented, not only the Tula harmonica, but also the famous Viennese, but the main exhibit is the Tula “hromka” or chromatic harmonica made in 1878 by order of N. AND. Beloborodov "harmonious affairs master" LA Chulkov. The invention of Beloborodov provided the harmonics with a new sound, which allowed the famous Russian composer, PI. Tchaikovsky was the first to introduce them into the symphony orchestra. N.I. Beloborodova could not leave indifferent his contemporaries. Many famous people were admirers of chromatic harmonics, among them L.N. Tolstoy: at the invitation of the great Russian writer maestro, he played music more than once in Yasnaya Polyana. The interior of the memorial rooms is well decorated with photographs, posters, as well as furniture and household items of the early 20th century. The emotional culmination of the exposition is the acquaintance with the existing harmonium and gramophone, which reproduce the musical sounds of Beloborodov’s time. The museum traditionally holds musical evenings, musical exhibitions, classes for young musicians. Younger visitors will be remembered by the “harmonica museum” not only with their exhibits, but also with music from the old gramophone.
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