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Владимирская область, Владимир, Соборная площадь Владимирская область, Владимир, Соборная площадь
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Park named after AS Pushkin in the city of Vladimir is located next to the Cathedral Square on the western side of the Assumption Cathedral. Residents and guests of the city fell in love with the park primarily for the observation deck, which offers stunning views of the old slope of Vladimir and uncovered distances across the Klyazma River. Near the entrance to the park is a monument to Andrei Rublev, most of the brilliant frescoes of which are kept in the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir. The second monument of the park was the monument to the baptists of the Vladimir land. Established in 2007, the monument depicts Vladimir the Red Sun on a horse and St. Fyodor next to him. The park is always quiet and calm, which has a slow walk among the lindens and birches.
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