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Святыни и храмы

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Республика Крым ,Ялта Республика Крым ,Ялта
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The Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Yalta) was built in 1906. In Soviet times, the building housed the funds of the Yalta Historical Museum, in 1988 the house of organ and chamber music was opened. Three years later, the building was transferred to the Roman Catholic Church. Estimated object was 75 thousand rubles. The Catholic community managed to collect 50 thousand (funds were collected even in Galicia), 9 thousand were provided by the Department of Spiritual Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Empire. But 6 thousand was not enough, so the church remained with an unfinished bell tower. In the first years of Soviet power, the church worked, but after the earthquake in 1927 it was closed. The reason was, allegedly, the emergency condition of the building. But for other needs, the temple was suitable, so it opened a gym. In 1945, the church became an exhibition of holograms. It housed a department of the Yalta Historical Museum fund. In 1988, the House of Organ and Chamber Music was created. The restoration has begun. The following year, an organ was installed in the church, manufactured by the Czech company Riger Closs. The tool consisted of 2604 pipes and 32 registers. Two years later (1991) the church building was handed over to the Catholic community, and services began in the same year. This happened due to the petition of members of the Dominican Catholic Order. Now the Yalta church belongs to the Odessa-Simferopol Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church. The arrival of the church has about 200 people (residents of Big Yalta and Alushta). In addition to the Roman Catholics, in the temple conduct services and Greek Catholics who do not have their own temple in Yalta. Mostly these are old settlers from the western regions of Ukraine. During the season, there were large masses of hired workers, mainly builders, also from the western regions, most often Greek Catholics. On weekdays, the service in the church is in Russian. On Saturday - in Ukrainian, and on Sunday - in three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and Polish. Also at the weekend in the church are concerts of organ and chamber music.
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