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респ Крым, г Ялта, ул имени архитектора Краснова Н.П., д 2 респ Крым, г Ялта, ул имени архитектора Краснова Н.П., д 2
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The art gallery “Pocherk”, cozily settled in the historic building of the Villa Elena Hotel & Residences, is a high art, carefully selected exposition, exquisite taste and always interesting projects. The Pocherk gallery has been operating since 2012 and offers its visitors a unique world, created by painters of the XX – XXI centuries. Among them are folk and honored artists, owners of various art awards, whose works adorned many prestigious exhibitions and are kept in the best museums of Russia, Ukraine, countries of near and far abroad. The gallery focuses on classical art, focusing on the selection, study and demonstration of works by prominent representatives of the Crimean school of painting. However, the gallery collection also presents the work of talented modern authors. Thus, the Pocherk gallery unites the work of completely different and original artists, creating a single space filled with a special Crimean light and mood. Along with the permanent gallery and exhibition work in the refined Pocherka space, regular painting classes for children and adults take place, musical and poetic "home" and creative meetings. Gallery "Pocherk" actively contributes to the cause of mercy and is a co-organizer of a number of charity auctions. You can find out about all the events held by the Pocherk art gallery on their Facebook page. In addition, the gallery offers its services in consultation and selection of paintings for gifts, interior design, and the formation of private collections. One of the main goals of the Pocherk gallery - acquaint guests and residents of Yalta with the artistic heritage of the Crimea, show the uniqueness of the Crimean picturesque traditions with their unique color and subtle color relationships, display art and talent in a variety of forms tions.
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