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Севастополь, трасса Севастополь-Ялта Севастополь, трасса Севастополь-Ялта
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Such species that open from the old road Sevastopol-Yalta, probably, no longer exist in the whole Crimea. The road was built thanks to Count Mikhail Vorontsov. He first began to explore the wild coast, built the first luxurious palace and the path that the South Coast of Russia opened. The main entrance to the coast passed through the Baidar Gate. It is from the Vorontsovskaya road that the view opens onto the grandiose and unusual nature monument of the Baidaro-Kastropol wall, which runs several kilometers east of the village of Foros. This stone monolith consists of five mountain peaks up to 700 meters high. You can climb the Baidaro-Kastropol wall moving eastwards from the Baidar pass, while simultaneously admiring the beauty of the Southern coast and the beginning of Ai-Petrynska region, and the route ends at the neighboring Shaitan-Merdven pass (devil's stairs), through which the pedestrian route passes. According to it, you can both go down to the South Coast and to the Baidar Valley to the village of Rodnikovoye.
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