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Йошкар-Ола, ул. Первомайская, д. 109 Йошкар-Ола, ул. Первомайская, д. 109
+7 836 242-29-39 +7 836 242-29-39
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The national identity of the Republic of Mari El, the holistic image of the Mari people, the dynamics of their working days, the rhythms and melodies of the holidays, the freedom-loving character and generous soul are sung in works of art by the artists of the Mari State Philharmonic named after Yakov Eshpai. In the beautiful tales and legends, melodious lingering songs, in original dances, in the sound of bagpipes and drum, in the colorful interweaving of national ornament, in the multi-color palette of costumes is kept the poetic soul of the people, the centuries-old philosophy, restless character and bright image. In the Mari State Philharmonic, there are groups of the Mari El dance ensemble, the Mari Kundem orchestra, the A.I. Iskandarova. A new building is currently being built on the embankment of the Malaya Kokshaga river. Committee of the Republic of Mari El on tourism
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