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Алтайский край, Барнаул, пос. Южный, ул. Лесосечная, 25 Алтайский край, Барнаул, пос. Южный, ул. Лесосечная, 25
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From one and a half to two hundred Red Book birds are being cared by employees of the Barnaul center "Altai Falcon". This nursery of the Altai University, established in 1991, is the largest center in Russia for the conservation, rehabilitation, breeding and return to natural populations of rare species of birds of prey. Center employees ring and release up to 50 falcons per year to natural habitats. Born in a nursery, youngsters are sold to hunting enthusiasts with birds of prey. The Altai Falcon (falcon - “falcon”, lat.) Mainly includes Red Book birds confiscated from poachers or injured by humans. Most here falcons-falcons. Peregrine falcons, golden eagles, eagles and several species of owls live in aviaries equipped for birds that have lost the ability to fly and get food. Among the pets - quail, bullfinch, goldfinch and other birds. Throughout the year, there are guided tours in the nursery, where you can meet the inhabitants of Altai Falcon, listen to stories about them, watch the training of trapping birds and take pictures with them.
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