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Алтайский край, Барнаул Алтайский край, Барнаул
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Altai Krai with its diversity and abundance of rivers is a real paradise for boating. Here you can travel on all types of tourist vessels: from excursion trips on comfortable motor ships on the Ob to sports rafting of high categories on kayaks, rafts with inflatable buoyancy elements, rafts and catamarans. The diverse nature and conditions of rafting on the Altai rivers require a special approach to the choice of the type of vessel. The rivers of the Altai Territory are rivers of plains and foothills, more rarely mountains. Rafting on the upper reaches (mountainous part of the rivers) is advisable to carry out on ships with great maneuverability. And in the middle and lower parts are suitable vessels with greater stability. During the passage of such complex rivers as the Korgon, several types of vessels are used at once, complementing each other and providing reliable insurance. During the preparation of the water trip, it is necessary to carefully examine, according to the reports of previous groups, all obstacles encountered on the river, to remember the main landmarks of their location. You should not trust the descriptions unconditionally, since it is worth changing the water level a little, and the obstacle can change its appearance so much that even the way of passing it should be changed. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out reconnaissance of all obstacles recommended for this by the previous group, as well as those obstacles whose character changes significantly with changing water levels.
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